What helps me to fall asleep: Cloudy

Ever since I can remember I have had problems sleeping. I was taking melatonin pills for a while but then decided that I do not want to take physical melatonin supplements. This is how I found out about Cloudy. Cloudy is an aromatherapy device that contains a blend of melatonin, lavender, and chamomile. A few breaths of the all natural essential oil mist helps me to relax and to fall asleep faster. I chose this product because it promotes calm and relaxation and unlike sleeping pills, the inhalation allows for a rapid effect. One of the biggest problems with taking physical melatonin supplements is the varying and slow absorption (takes 30-60 minutes to take effect, and sometimes doesn’t work depending how much food is in your stomach). Inhaling melatonin allows for a near-instant sleepiness effect.

I also love the fact that it is 100% drug-free and that it uses natural ingredients. I combine the diffuser with a lavender and aloe spray, which transforms my bedroom into a sanctuary for rest and creates a peaceful setting before bed. The third product that I like using before bed is a cream with natural lavender and shea butter. Usually, when I go to the spa, I know that those are some of the ingredients that are being used in the oils, so I love creating the same atmosphere at home. The combination of those three calming products is the perfect way to calm my body and clear my mind. It is essentially important for me to unwind and de-stress, and I am glad that I found Cloudy because they are helping me to do that!

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