“French style is attitude and arrogance”

If you ask any Parisian which is the most iconic pâtisserie in Paris, they will probably say Carette. Founded in 1927 Jean Carette and his wife Madeleine went into business on Place du Trocadéro and created not only a café, but a state of mind, with its mixture of classicism and Roaring Twenties modernism, welcoming atmosphere, and signature French pastries. Some people say that their macaroons are even better than Ladurée’s, so I gave them a try and they did not disappoint at all. Needless to say, having sweets at every street corner is the reason why I came to France… and chose an apartment above a boulangerie. Besides the food, living here has so many pros and has taught me so much about the French history, culture, art, architecture, language and of course fashion. From my first day in Paris I fell in love with French women’s allure: elegant and feminine, yet effortlessly put. Observing them minutely influenced my offbeat wardrobe to a whole new level by adding minimalistic pieces, mixing and matching formal and everyday attires, vintage and new, and keeping my palette simple and neutral. French style is also set apart because of its emphasis on attitude over clothing and the anti “it girl” vibe as people here notice the way you move or the way you open your bag more than what you wear. French women have such a tremendous respect for themselves that they will not wear something they don’t like just because a magazine is saying that they should. If you want to master the Parisienne look, you should keep your style simple and you should have a fashion forward thinking.

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Shot by: Fran Boloni
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