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When I was back home in Bulgaria for the winter holidays, I had the pleasure to meet and interview the founder of Seddum, Viliyana Karushkova for my women empowerment campaign. Up to this moment, Seddum has introduced two collections, Non-Persona and Syzygy. The former intents to restore the archetype in the individual, to remove the false mask and to show the true self; the latter explores the archetypal image in both sexes to achieve freedom and balance. The moment I met Viliyana I felt really connected to her. I don’t know if it was the fact that we share the same age or the fact that I recognized a familiar passion in her eyes. I knew immediately that I want to find out about the story behind her brand and learn about her creative process and share everything with you here. Following my previous article featuring pieces from her collection, I am happy to present our interview and some visuals capturing her creations:

Portrait: Владимир Лепоев 

When did you become interested in fashion and decided to pursue a career in this field?

At first it was just drawing. The love towards the detail and the fact that you create something with your hands. Fashion appeared later in my life. I realized that at the moment nothing in my surroundings was enough satisfying. There was always something I didn’t enjoy about a garment. A button, a zipper, the length, the texture or even the whole design. Every time I was trying to find the perfect product, that didn’t happen, so I had the urge to create it by myself or at least the design. 

You are only 22 years old and you already have your own brand. Have you ever faced negative attitude or people telling you you are not experienced enough or good enough because of your age? How did you handle it?

I can not say that it happens all the time but certainly does. By some people it provokes admiration, others see it as something negative and something I shouldn’t be doing at this age because of the lack of experience. I don’t think there is a recipe about it. It was the right time I guess so I had to deal with what I have chosen. It’s the beauty of fashion, it’s subjective, you just have to find your path and follow it.

When and how did you decide to start your company? What are the challenges of having your own business?

I started it a year ago. It began with an invitation for the Paris Fashion Week. It all happened really fast and I am glad because otherwise I wouldn’t have been here.

The challenges on a daily-basis are quite a lot. Sometimes I have to confront barriers I unwillingly set in my head, there is always a crossroad, you don’t know what to choose and how to deal with it. The things that keep me going are the people around me, my intuition and passion that persists.

What are three things that you should keep in mind when starting a business in the fashion industry?

Transforming yourself into a soldier. Organization is the most important part of this job.

Be brave and keep going.

Follow your intuition

Best piece of advice youve ever gotten?

“Don’t be afraid. Work, work, work.”

What are your thoughts on the Bulgarian fashion scene?

It develops with the speed of light.

 Do you think Bulgarians are open to experiment with fashion or they prefer to stay in their comfort zone?

Both. In Bulgaria the people are really colourful and diverse. And that is a great advantage.

How do you want people to feel when they wear your designs?

Free and loving themselves and their clothes. After all that is our second skin.


What are the inspirations behind your collections?

The way people think. Particularly psychology and currently I am more and more interested in mythology.  

How do you cultivate your creativity?

By reading. Best way to inspire yourself.


What are your goals for 2019 regarding your brand?

To put the chaos in order and trying to work in a more sustainable and clear-minded way. 

Where do you see yourself and your brand in 10 years?

To have achieved all the challenges that are going to emerge on the way.

Photography: Yoan Galabov , website here 
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