Lika Tsereteli – Intuitive Topography

 From September, 4th until October, 6th 2019, visitors of the MMOMA can discover Lika Tsereteli`s third solo exhibition “Intuitive Topography” presented by the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, in collaboration with the Russian Academy of Arts. Light and vivid colours, the exhibition primarily revolves around the artist’s emotions. Lika Tsereteli gets inspired by her perspective on beauty, her taste for fragile materials, the aesthetics of ornamental patterns: ‘Ornamental patterns grow in spite of me. I can’t create anything by my own design; when working, I only channel my impressions’.

The MMOMA display, as designed by Alexey Tregubov, revolves around the key features of glass as a material that can refract light and visually change the scale and outlines of different objects. Lika elaborates: ‘Why does glass attract me so much? In my childhood, I could be sitting for hours and watching my dad painting works in stained glass, and then we would be contemplating the oeuvres that had been already finished. There was such a magic light coming through them.’

On the first floor, one can see ornamental miniatures in black-and-white or in vivid colors surrounded by murals based on the artist’s original works. A separate gallery will showcase glass and wood screens, reminiscent of both contemporary works of applied art in patchwork technique and medieval stained glass compositions. The display on the second floor presents the series of glass vases and caskets that the artist uses as a counterpart to canvas painting, turning them with the use of acrylic paints and varnish into bright pictorial objects. There are ornamental patterns of curved lines flowing into one another, abstract figures and sophisticated color harmonies. Each room of the display is centered on a specific series of works, being converted into a likeness of a private gallery, where light, tonal and special architecture constructions are used to highlight the objects on display.

Interesting information about the artist is that since 2007 she has been a regular member, as well as a Presidium member of the Russian Academy of Arts. Since 2008 Elena Tsereteli has been the director of Zurab Tsereteli Art Gallery. She is an artist, graphic artist, author of books and articles on the Russian Academy of Arts, Research Museum of Modern Art, and the art of Zurab Tsereteli.

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