Haute Couture Dreams

If someone would have asked me what attracts you to fashion, I would say those exact two words – Haute Couture. As much as I love prêt-à-porter my true love for fashion is hidden between layers of elaborate embroidery, tulle, and exotic fabrics. I love the fact that every Couture piece is handmade and fully tailored for the client. For this photoshoot, I wore a Bono van Peursem black beaded tulle dress with open back detail dress. Bono’s vision is to create dresses that compliment the natural beauty of women. His style can be described as edgy, cool evening wear with a strong desire for beautiful materials, special fabric techniques and embroideries. The ongoing desire is the message behind Bono’s first collection. His aim is to fulfil desires of beauty by offering his clientele Haute Couture that makes them feel sensationally beautiful and more sophisticated. In his collection, the designer plays with lines that create a pattern together. But will the patterns be finished? At some point, the lines will stop where other lines will continue. This is how the designer sees life; where one desire stops another desire takes over. The desire for beautiful things and the interplay of lines are highlighted throughout the collection. Handmade embroideries, meters of tulle, the continuation of lines and exceptional fabrics predominate. That one can never desire too much is told through the extraordinary details of a mystic black dress that includes more than 100 meters of tulle layered with crinoline. It took the designer over 200 hours to create this masterpiece. The seductive never-ending trail creates its own story of desire.

Photography: Tammy
Editing: Irma Refashion Gallery 
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