communications and events specialist, creative mind, visual storyteller, art enthusiast, content creator and a global citizen based in Paris, but born on Bulgarian soil. She is holding a Bachelor’s Magna Cum Laude degree in Global, Political and Marketing Communications from the American University of Paris. Currently, Tommy is working in a Communications agency in Paris and is an ELLE Magazine Bulgaria fashion week contributor. 

From a very young age Tommy has been attracted to the irresistible allure of fashion and through her blog, she has developed her own philosophy of fashion by sharing her style, inspirations, travels, and lifestyle. For her fashion is a way of escaping the dust of everyday life and immersing in a magical world filled with beauty and glamour. She adores and follows fashion with great enthusiasm because it reflects her own desires, longings, and dreams. Her work has been recognized by multiple media outlets such as “ELLE” and “HELLO Magazine”.

Besides fashion, Tommy is interested in politics, technology, human rights, and sustainable development. She believes violence, coercion and all forms of force by one person over another should come to an end and the way to set a society on the path to peace is through education and the establishment of equal human rights. She has been involved in the work of organizations such as UNESCO, UNICEF, Pour une Planète sans Frontière, NATO, Red Cross, and ZONTA and is constantly searching for ways to expand her knowledge and get hands-on experience on how to foster equality and education for youth in our times of humanitarian crisis and international insecurity.

In May 2017, she created a women empowerment campaign “Me For Her” rejoicing in the extraordinary acts of women, inspiring women to stand together for other women, as a united force to advance gender equality. In 2018 Tommy was awarded the Lubner Philanthropy Award upon graduating from the American University of Paris and received Philanthropic Honours in 2015 in an official ceremony at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

On her social media platforms, Tommy is striving not only to promote fashion and style but to highlight ways to contribute to a greater good by living a sustainable life and enhancing human’s quality of life. Since her digital beginning in the fashion industry in 2015, Tommy has worked with a variety of brands ranging from cosmetics and jewellery to Haute Couture clothing including SEPHORA, By Malina, Grace Atelier World, 2ND ONE,  ZIA, La Doyenne, Designers Remix, 2NDDAY, Paramidonna, Sun Diva Swim, Other Theory, VitaminWell, SHEIN, La Petite Sardine, Bono van Peursem, Essence, Visoanska Paris, TANYA HEATH Paris, Maison Johanna Braitbart, Une Robe un Soir, Sabina Söderberg, RENORA Cosmetics, Red Decoct, Mon Amour Chérie, Distract Me Fashion Corner, Boutique July Couture on a wide range of content and consulting capacities. Tommy believes in the power of collaborations to create unexpected synergies adding value to both parties, through the sharing of vision, philosophy and creative freedom of expression.